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Say the name of the country affected. Say the name of the country responsible. Say the name of the country enabling them. 

Yemen is in a civil war. The US has nothing to do with Yemen right now. Fact check before you reblog people.

shut your ignorant ass up.

for those of you who don’t know, yemen is in a civil war which started when there was an unsuccessful transition in power when ali abdullah saleh handed his position over to  abdrabbuh mansur hadi. a saleh loyalist/shia minority group called the houdis, thought to be backed by iran, had taken over yemen’s capital which resulted in hadi fleeing the country. saudi arabia, a sunni majority country, feared iran, a shia majority country, having control over their borders (though they denied having any involvement) so they backed the hadi supporters. saudi arabia and other countries supporting hadi have led air strikes in yemen, as well as backing the military force. the united states has considered saudi arabia to be their allies for a while now, and obama officially backed them in their terror attacks on yemen. obama has given $115 billion in arms to saudi arabia in to aid them in their attacks on yemen, as well as given them information on where to strike and other intelligence. trump’s administration has led 70 airstrikes in yemen in a month, which is more than all of the airstrikes that occurred in yemen in 2016. 

tldr: the war in yemen is a saudi led, us backed war.

Also the Canadian Government is complicit in this as well. Trudeau’s government has sold billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia. The Trudeau government acknowledges that these weapons could be used against Yemen:

Canada admits that the weapons it sells to Saudi Arabia could be used in Yemen’s civil war.

Canadian complicity and the Saudi-led war on Yemen

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