Tolkien’s Ungoliant and Stephen King’s It – some interesting parallels



Scene from It (1990) – the Losers confront Its ‘true’ from.

While watching the recent adaptation
of Stephen King’s It (2017) and reacquainting myself with King work in
general throughout the past year (including watching some older adaptations of
his books, among which was also the 1990 miniseries It), my mind was
constantly going back to Ungoliant, Morgoth and the Silmarillion.

Why? Well, some of it undoubtedly
has to do with my ongoing interest in Tolkien, but I also managed to find some parallels
between Ungoliant and It, and Morgoth and the arch villain of the Kingverse,
the Crimson King.

Long story short, enjoy me shamelessly hopping on the It bandwagon!

Warning for the arachnophobic.

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What if they’re actually the same creature though???

Headcanon: It and LOTR take place in the same universe. It/Pennywise really is Ungoliant or one of her children

In Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, characters from his books travel from “his worlds” into different fantasy dimensions/universes….and It is said to have come from one of these fantasy dimensions….and.I’m jUST SAYIN IT’S PRACTICALLY CANON WHEN YA THINK ABOUT IT