terrifyingtolkien: Hi you guys— last announcement of the day….


Hi you guys— last announcement of the day. TerrifyingTolkien, the host of Terrifying Tolkien Week, is looking for mods. 

Terrifying Tolkien Week is an annual celebration of the terrifying— the grotesque— the horrifying— in Tolkien’s works. Creations are posted in the tag #terrifyingtolkien.

However, as you guys probably noticed this year, both mods have become incredibly busy, and this is no longer a thing we can do on our own. 

What We’re Looking For:

  • 3-4 people
  • should be passionate about Tolkien
  • must be able to follow a basic tagging system
  • bloggers who would be able to reblog at least one whole day of content (about 10-15 posts)

How To Apply

  • reblog this post
  • read below the read more to see how the tagging system works
  • submit an application to us, answering the following questions:
              Blog Url(s)
              Why you want to join the team
              How much reblogging you’ll be able to do
              Past Creations for Terrifying Tolkien Week (optional)
              Will you follow the tagging system and rules?
  • do not have our mods blocked

Below, we detail how our tagging system works. 

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