tea drinkers: unlike you filthy disgusting creatures i only drink green chamomile peppermint raspberry lemon tea, which makes all my insides glow 10 times brighter and improve. i can feel my body get healthier by every drink i take of my delicious hot mug of TEA. youre absolutely disgusting and a waste of human potential

coffee drinker: hhhnng lov those beans

someone tagged this as #tw drama

coffee drinkers: i am unimaginably powerful. i can see through time. i haven’t slept in four days but who needs sleep when you are on a higher plane of existence. the beans are in my soul, they are in my heart. i AM the beans. soon i will vibrate at the harmonic resonance of the universe and transcend.

tea drinker: hhhhhhhhhhhot leaf juice

soda drinkers: death is coming. death is coming. pass me a hotdog.

energy drink drinkers: (just the fucking kill bill sirens played on repeat for eternity)

Hot Chocolate Drinkers will save us all.

Omg im an energy drink girl