One of my favorite underappreciated LOTR momen…

 In FOTR Pippin can only watch helplessly as Boromir sacrifices his life for him– and when Pippin tries to fight back against the Uruk-Hai, he’s easily dragged away

And then in ROTK, as Pippin struggles with guilt over being the “cause” of Boromir’s death, that scene repeats itself: this time it’s Boromir’s brother who’s dying, and about to be burned alive by Denethor….Pippin tries to stop Denethor, but (like before) is easily dragged away

But this time Pippin digs his heels in the ground and says “NO NO NO THIS IS NOT HAPPENING AGAIN ANOTHER “-MIR” BROTHER IS NOT GOING TO DIE ON MY WATCH” and then this tiny three-foot-tall nerd who’s always been treated like the most useless member of the Fellowship immediately charges headfirst into the thickest and deadliest part of the battle to find Gandalf, shoving past all the courageous warriors who are fleeing in the opposite direction, doesn’t even run from the Immortal Being of Darkness Nazgul that stands in his way, then LITERALLY LEAPS INTO A  FIRE WITHOUT HESITATION just to save Faramir