elfmaidens: SHE RAN OUT IN THE WOODS ; mithrel…


SHE RAN OUT IN THE WOODS ; mithrellas and nimrodel, their bitter parting and eventual reunion 

     Mithrellas leaves her, she leaves her in the woods, she leaves with her taste on Nimrodel’s lips and what once were her shouts echoing in the silence.
    There is no such thing as the peace that prince promises you, Mithrellas told her. And if there is, it is a place without our forests without our trees without our people without our language do you truly want to go there—
                                                           (I don’t want you to)
     And the woods— Mithrellas leaves Nimrodel in the woods, in the twilight, and there is magick here, an ancient magick, like Lindórinand before  the Sindar came with their grey horses and grey cloaks and their gods beyond the sea you have not seen or care to see. They— the outsiders— they thought they could tame the woods, and they did, (they smothered them) and what Nimrodel and Mithrellas called Lindórinand is now Lórien. It is gone.
                                                          (and Mithrellas is too)

i. maggie rogers – color song |  ii. daughter – the woods | iii. syml – where’s my love |  iv. taylor swift ft. gary lightbody – the last time | v. james vincent mcmorrow – and if my heart should somehow stop | vi. the national – don’t swallow the cap | vii. lord huron – meet me in the woods | viii. benjamin francis leftwich – box of stones

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