Some cute romantic-cliché questions :)

Coffee Shop: How do you take your coffee?
Train Station: Where do you want to travel?
Picnic in the Park: Do you enjoy people watching?
Kiss Under the Rain: What sounds help you sleep?
Butterflies: What unique thing would you/do you enjoy in a partner?
Snow Angels: What’s your favorite kind of weather?
Bed & Breakfast: What do you like to do on Tuesdays?
Kiss at the Door: When you hold hands, do you interlock fingers? Swing your arms?
Bowling: Do you laugh loudly or giggle more?
Chocolates: What’s your favorite kind of sweet thing?
Roses: Do you blush easily?
Cheesy Pick-Up Lines: Are you more of a comic or a romantic?
Candlelight: What romantic cliché do you wish for most?