Diverse Tolkien Week Official Announcement:


Welcome to the official Promo for Diverse Tolkien week! The week will be hosted February 12th through February 18th, 2018!

Diverse Tolkien week is a week dedicated to producing fan content that is centered around diversity in Tolkien’s works. There is no mistake that there is a serious lack of diversity within Tolkien’s works and fandom. This week seeks to end that by encouraging fans to put out fanwork that contains racial diversity, and it is also an attempt at making the fandom a more inviting space for Tolkien fans who are not white.

The prompts are as followed:

Day 1: Elves

Day 2: Men

Day 3: Dwarves

Day 4: Hobbits

Day 5: Ainur:

Day 6: Fandom Discussion: Racism in the Tolkien fandom. How do you see it?  
Day 7: Free for All

All you have to do is include diversity in your works. That’s all. Take the prompts how you will, but you must make them diverse, meaning no typical white characters.

What is accepted: Any fan work produced by fans. 

Rules: Be nice, be kind, no racism. Add diversity into what you do, as the entire week is dedicated to diversity in Tolkien’s works.

Use the tag #dvtolkienweek

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