My name is Monica. And this is my sister Wiola and her six years old son Jakub.

Two months ago my sister’s husband left with another woman and has move to another country. We don’t know where excacly. He doesn’t pay for anything, he doesn’t send any money. He is a piece of shit. He was homophobic towards me (I’m a lesbian), he cheated on her when she was pregnant. He was always working, not caring about his son. But my sister stayed with him because of the child. Also she had to leave the place they live for the last 9 years because it was bought by his parents and they told her to move out.

She is back now in our parents home where I sill live too. There’s only two small rooms in the house, kitchen and one bathroom. All of this for 5 people now. This is our house:

She wants to find a place to rent because right now she is stuck wth Jakub with me in my small room. And he is in the first grade and he doesn’t even have a place to do his homework. 
My father is an alcoholic with violent tendencies so it’s not good for my nephew to still live here. He is very sensitive and cry realy easly and he has developed eating disorder in the past months.

She is going to take legal action against her husband but she needs money for that too. Her lawyer told her that maybe there’s a chance to take the house back. Or at least money for it.
I don’t know how else to help her because I’m unemployed at this moment.

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