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LOTR + The Office

Sam: Are you okay-
Frodo: No, next question.

Gandalf: [to Saruman] The last time I saw you, I was hoping it was the last time I saw you.

Alright, listen. You’re my fellowship and I love you. But you’re all terrible at what you do here. And I feel like I should tell you- I’d fire all of you if I could.

Aragorn: Did you and Gimli have a fight?
Legolas: Gimli had a fight; I was just being perfectly reasonable.

Faramir: Dad, I had a feeling today.
Denethor: Well, don’t, son.

Merry: You need a hobby.
Sam: I have a hobby!
Merry: Being sad isn’t a hobby.

Aragorn: What’s trending right now kids?
Frodo: Pain.

Gandalf: Boys, can I give you some advice?
Pippin: Absolutely not.

Boromir: Of course I care about all the hobbits equally!
Sam: We were attacked when you were away.
Boromir: Are Pippin and Merry okay???