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I really genuinely love how in the Hobbit the filmmakers decided “you know what?? Young adults really love Legolas. So let’s give Legolas a larger role and give him a backstory/change his personality in a way that will make him appeal young adults”

And then they proceeded to use literally every typical YA trope on him

  • Brooding bad boy love interest 
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Snarky sense of humor
  • The Tragic Past™
  • Dead Parent
  • Rebelling against his father
  • Angst ANGST
  • “I love her but my father forbids it”
  • The Love Triangle (crown jewel of YA fiction)

but even with all that, their target YA audience mostly just fell for Thranduil instead







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every Silmarillion reference in lotr & hobbit 

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« ..the Eldar said that the light of the Two Trees, Laurelin and Telperion, had been snared in her tresses. Many thought that this saying first gave to Fëanor the thought of imprisoning and blending the light of the Trees that later took shape in his hands as the Silmarils. For Fëanor beheld the hair of Galadriel with wonder and delight. He begged three times for a tress, but Galadriel would not give him even one hair. »

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