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Tip for dealing with an annoying neighbor

When I was in college, living in the dorm, my roommate and I had these annoying neighbors next door. Always super loud late at night or when you were trying to study. Anyway, one day about mid-afternoon they started playing some obnoxious music. Loudly. Imagine your least favorite genre, then imagine it’s being done poorly. This was how bad it was. Enough was enough.

We were bored, and it was the middle of the day, so I wondered about ways to possibly send a message. And I found one. If you’re gonna play music loudly, you might as well play the good stuff, stuff that will drown out everything else. So I pulled out my music and played “Ride of the Valkyries.” Didn’t even have to turn it up to drown out the “music” next door.

Well, the song ends, and I hear quiet for a little. Then their trashy music comes back. Louder than before.

It’s on.

I pull up my music again, and this time I go for the Russian national anthem (don’t ask why I have it downloaded). The men’s choir quickly obliviated any noise next door, and I revelled as I pictured the confused faces of our neighbors at hearing a Russian choir echoing on the other side of the wall.

Alas, the song had to end, and when it did my ears were immediately assaulted. They had turned their music to full blast.

Time to end this and bring out the big guns. Literally. Cue the 1812 Overture, cannons and all.

I’m happy to report there was silence when the song was complete, and we were never bothered by their music again.

So the lesson is, when in need, summon the cannons, a troup of Russian men, and an army of mythical women. They won’t let you down.


Do any of my fellow artists love the stains on their hands? Like, I love walking around with faded paint splatters on my palms. I love the ink stains on my fingers after an afternoon of scribbling a story or splotches on my knuckles when I brushed up against my canvas. I’m not sure why. Maybe I love it because it’s my silent way of showing you I’m an artist. No explanation or portfolio necessary. Just look at my hands and know that though they are stained, they got dirty in the pursuit of making something.

It’s funny because Sean Bean. All the crossove…

It’s funny because Sean Bean. All the crossovers.

miredinmiddleearth: Just spread your fingers …


Just spread your fingers a liiiiiiiittle bit. Just, just a little bit more.

As a teacher. Not a student.

As a teacher. Not a student.

miredinmiddleearth: #tattoo regret


#tattoo regret

miredinmiddleearth: In case you need some com…


In case you need some comfort after seeing a certain movie.


“This too shall pass…it may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass ”

– My friend talking about our first year of teaching



Friends, we’ve been wrong all along about our relationship options. I found this out recently when a student asked me:

“So, are you married?”

“Nope,” I answered.

“You have a boyfriend?”

I laughed. “Nope.”

He didn’t hesitate a second before saying, “Ah, so you’re all about the books, then.”


Those are our options. Married, dating, or all about the books.

♪ Let’s get down to business to defeat *hyah…

♪ Let’s get down to business to defeat *hyah hyah* some orcs. *Hyah* Did they send me hobbits when I asked for….dorks? ♪